Job Search Services

  • Dollar Dreams can help you get a job overseas while you are in your Home country itself.
  • We have been very successful in this area and helped many clients find suitable positions overseas. The best part of this service is, you have someone who is constantly sending out your resume to employers who are looking for people with your profile.
  • Our service costs are minimal and you can be assured that your resume is received by hundreds of employers and placement agencies – this is while you do nothing yourself. You sit back and get on with your regular routine while your profile is consistently marketed by our Job Search Services team.
  • When an employer is interested in your resume, you get an email directly in your inbox. Dollar Dreams can also negotiate your salary and other terms with the overseas employer. A great option for the busy professional who doesn’t have the time to actively market himself!
  • Dollar Dreams uses state of the art technology and experienced HR professionals whose sole aim is to send out your resume to matching jobs and employers.

 List of Products :

Job Search Service For Australia

Job Search Service For Immigrants to Canada

Job Search Service For Canada

Job Search Service For Dubai

Job Search Service For Germany

Job Search Service For Ireland

Job Search Service For Singapore

Job Search Service  in the UK

Job Search Service Advisory Report For Suitable Country

Smart Applicant Service (SAS) Advisory Report for couple

Job Search Service With Immigration Process For Opted Country

Job Search Service For 1 State With Immigration Process For Opted Country

Job Search Service For 3 States in UAE

Job Search Service For South Africa

Job Search Service For UK

Job Search Service For USA

Dollar Dreams Smart Applicant Service

The smartest way to apply for overseas jobs right from your home country!

  1. Resume Writing Service: We work on your resume to ensure it is as per international standards. We ensure that your resume is professional, among the best and stands out from the rest who apply.
    1. Dollar Dreams International Resume:- The format that every international recruiter understands.
    2. Dollar Dreams SlideShare Resume:– The format allows you to be unique while expressing your style and personality, in 10 slides that allows recruiters to quickly understand your profile.
  2. Resume Marketing Service:
    1. Dollar Dreams Essential Checklist:– Announces your availability to 90% of the relevant market with this efficient posting method.
    2. Dollar Dreams Jobs:– Applies to all open positions on job sites, classified, newspaper & company sites, in a 60 day window.
  3. Dollar Dreams Social Marketing Service:- Market yourself on social networking sites like LinkedIn.

Benefits of the Dollar dreams Overseas Job Search Services:

  • Allows you to market yourself to overseas employers.
  • Actively look for an overseas job opportunity, even if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. It is a consistent focused effort that is done by our consultants.
  • Inexpensive & affordable to all.
  • Get a resume that is of International standards.
  • Market yourself while you are in your home country.
  • Job Liaison Service where, Dollar Dreams will correspond (on your behalf) with the employer, arrange for interviews, negotiate your salary and relocate you to the place of employment. You don’t need to do this yourself!

Who is this useful for?

  • Those wishing to find a job abroad.
  • Those not finding the time to market themselves.
  • Those finding the costs of finding a job abroad costly.
  • Those who want to  do their homework before entering a country or  applying for a Permanent Residence Visa.
  • Suitable for Candidates looking for a job in a specific country, city or region.
    • For those already inside the country.
    • For those in their own home country with an Approved Visa.
    • In Final Stage of Process.
    • Just Started the PR Visa Process.
    • Those interested in working or settling  abroad.

Who can apply for this service?

  • Age: 21 to 50 years only.
  • Education: Diploma/Bachelors/Masters or Higher.
  • Experience: Experience: 1+years of work experience is mandatory.
  • English: Must be able to read, write & speak English proficiently (IELTS/TOEFL is not compulsory but is recommended).
  • Specific Occupations: Refer to next slide.
  • Expertise: Those with an expertise in one area have an advantage.


IT professionals, Scientists, Chartered Accountants, Building & Construction, Pharma & Bio-tech, education & call center professionals.

Please Note:

Dollar Dreams does not charge you a placement fee to get you a job. We only market your resume using the latest technology and resources. We do not provide/guarantee jobs or arrange an employment.



Please register using our online registration form. In Addition, We are also receiving the telephone and the direct inquiry by e-mail. Once registration has been completed, a consultant will contact you within 1 week. Please contact us, if you don’t receive any contact from us with in 1 week. We don’t charge any recruitment service fee to candidate.


After registration, you will meet with a consultant who is familiar with your preferred industries and roles. Together, with the consultant, you will put your experience, skill and personal strengths in order, and describe your potential future career path. The consultant will also kindly offer you tips on appropriate resume writing (English resume) and career profile, and introduce you to career opportunities, which your skills and interests match. *Note: If you are currently based overseas, or visiting our office is otherwise difficult, we will be happy to contact you via telephone or e-mail.


If there is a position you are interested in applying for that matches your qualifications, after confirming your decision, we will recommend you to the client. We arrange interview date and time, if clients would like to interview. Our career consultant will inform interview review to you after checking both parties.


Our consultant will contact you once the client makes an offer, and assist you with the details of negotiation on working conditions, including start date and salary. The consultant will also support you in making a smooth transition to your new employer.


Dollar Dreams Recruitment follows up candidate after commencing new career. We can counsel any problem to solve for your long time career and happy working environment. Please contact our career consultant if you need our help for your career plan.